New Worldwide Fiction

New Worldwide Fiction

1. Canada

Hill, Lawrence The Illegal A runner signs with an agent to run the Boston marathon, but does not place among the top finishers. To be sent back to his country would mean certain death. Now he must run for his life.

Kelly, Elizabeth The Miracle on Monhegan Island Taking place in Maine’s island, Spark returns unannounced. During Spark’s absence, his son has been cared for by family members.

Martel, Yann The High Mountains of Portugal In 1904 Lisbon, Tomas finds an old journal telling of a treasure that would change history. Years later, others are drawn into the search.

St. James, Simone. Lost Among the Living In 1921 England, Jo Manders mourns the disappearance of her husband, Alex. Jo goes to the family’s estate, and finds that there is much she never knew about her husband.

Tucker, K.A. He Will Be My Ruin Celine almost had it all—a good job, and place to live, and acceptance letter to Hollingsworth Institute of Art. So why would she kill herself? Her friend, Maggie finds a scandalous photograph. Who is he? As Maggie uncovers more, she puts herself in danger.

2. Brazil

Montes, Raphael Perfect Days A medical student kidnaps the girl of his dreams and begins a trip across Brazil. He is convinced she will love him—it’s just a matter of time.

3. South Africa

Meyer, Deon Icarus A corpse wrapped in plastic is found on the sand dunes north of Cape Town, the tech whiz behind My Alibi, an internet service that gives unfaithful partners cover stories to hide an affair. Benny Griessel is called on the case.

Smith, Wilbur Predator Major Hector Cross takes the law into his own hands to stop an old enemy. (and England)

4. Zimbabwe

Huchu, Tendai The Maestro, the Magistrate and the Mathematician Three Zimbabwean men struggle to find a place in Scotland.

5. Nigeria

Ile, Jowhor And After Many Days A 17-year old boy geos missing in Nigeria. The search uncovers family secrets and when the past and present meet, his family find answers they are searching for.

John, Elnathan Born on a Tuesday Dantala lives among a gang that are to cause trouble during the election. When their attempt backfires, he runs for his life, and ends up at a mosque.

6. Spain

McCrea, Gavin Mrs. Engels A story of Lizzie Burns, lover of Frederick Engels, coauthor of The Communist Manifesto. She works in the mill that Frederick owns in Manchester, England, but they move to London to be closer to Karl Marx. (and England)

7. France

Alard, Nelly Couple Mechanics Olivier confesses to having an affair. To what extent should Juliette go to save her marriage?

De Kerangal, Maylis The Heart A story of twenty-four hours around a fatal accident and heart transplant.

Gremillon, Helene The Case of Lisandra P Lisandra is found dead at the foot of a building. Her husband is arrested. Eva Maria, one of his patients thinks he’s innocent and delves into the investigation.

Miske, Karim Arab Jazz When his upstairs neighbor is murdered, Ahed joins the investigation to clear his name.

NDiaye, Marie Ladivine On the first Tuesday of every month, Clarisse leaves her family and secretly takes a train to visit her mother, Ladivine. Clarisse keeps her life a secret from her mother, also. This goes on for more than 25 years before collapsing.

Valdes, Zoe The Weeping Woman The life of Dora Maar, Picasso’s mistress, ending in her commitment to an asylum, and then secluding herself in her Paris apartment.

8. United Kingdom

Allison, Robert The Letter Bearer The Rider has no memory of who he is and is rescued in the North African desert by a band of deserters. He begins to piece together his identity through letters in his bag.

Atkins, Lucy The Other Child Tess meets Greg and they marry. Greg is offered a dream job in Boston and they decide to move there. She is pregnant, and her son and Tess have a hard time fitting in. Tess finds that people recognize her husband and she suspects that things are not right. She starts looking into Greg’s past.

Bailey, Martine A Taste for Nightshade In 1787 Manchester, Mary Jebb swindles Michael Croxon’s brother. She is condemned to seven years transportation to Australia, and vows revenge. Two years later, Mary Jebb has her chance.

Bauer, Belinda The Shut Eye A woman finds a psychic who may be able to find her missing son. When she meets him, it is not what what she suspected.

Black, Saul The Killing Lessons A mother and her two children are waiting out a snowstorm in their country house. Two violent strangers come in. But the murderers left one survivor, ten year old Nell.

Carter, Chris An Evil Mind A man is arrested in rural Wyoming for a possible double homicide, but the case is handed over to the FBI. Robert Hunter, LAPD detective, must race to identify a serial killer.

Chamberlain, Mary The Dressmaker’s War Beginning in 1939, Ada is a skilled dressmaker. She meets Stanislaus who takes her to Paris. War breaks out and Stanislaus disappears. She is taken prisoner by the Germans.

Dunn, Suzannah The Lady of Misrule Elizabeth stays with Lady Jane Grey to the Tower of London in 1553.

Grant, Andrew False Positive A 7-year old boy disappears from his home in Birmingham, Alabama. It is up to Detective Cooper Devereaux to solve the case.

Kent, Christobel The Crooked House After something unspeakable happens, a teen, Esme, is the only survivor. She moves out of town and changes her name, but years later her boyfriend invites her to a wedding in her old town. (and Italy)

Lawrenson, Deborah 300 days of Sun A journalist travels to Faro, Portugal to escape a relationship and dead end career.

Lupton, Rosamund The Quality of Silence Yasmin goes to Alaska and is told her husband is dead. She sets out in a storm to see if this is true with her deaf daughter, Ruby.

MacManus, James Midnight in Berlin In 1939 Britain, Colonel Noel Macrae, stationed in Berlin, has an opportunity to avert war. He falls in love with a German-Jewish woman and tries to help her escape, but he is drawn into a plot against Hitler.
Morgan, Ann Beside Myself Six year old twins switch identities for a day, but one refuses to change back. Decades later, Helen must deal with her sister again.

Mukherjee, Neel A Life Apart Ritwik Ghosh, 22, and orphaned tries to start a new life in England.

Oyeyemi, Helen What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours A collection of short stories where characters find themselves in other stories, taking place in lost libraries, locked gardens and a city where all clocks have stopped.

Pears, Iain Arcadia Rosie steps through a doorway in the Professor’s cellar and lands in a place where there are storytellers who are in high regard.

Preston, John The Dig Mrs. Pretty, the widowed owner of a farm finds buried treasure on her land in 1939 Britain.

Richmond, T. R. What She Left A professor tries to make sense of a former student’s death.

Riley, Lucinda The Storm Sister Ally and her five adopted sisters gather at their childhood home after their father’s death. This leads Ally to Norway and her past.

Sahota, Sunjeev The Year of the Runaways One year in the lives of four immigrants from India to England.

Sarginson, Saskia The Other Me The story begins in 1930s Germany to 1990s England. Klaudia is embarrassed by her German father. Eliza is running away from her past. Ernst is one of two brothers growing up in Nazi Germany.

Searle, Nicholas The Good Liar Con artist Roy meets easy mark, Betty, a wealthy widow. He moves in with her and they are planning a romantic trip. Betty’s grandson disapproves. Soon Roy’s plot becomes evident.

Seddon, Holly Try Not to Breathe Alex, a journalist, discovers Amy, who was from a nearby town and was found unconscious. She has been in a coma for fifteen years. Soon Alex is obsessed with Amy and her story.

Tallis, F.R. The Passenger U-471, a German submarine patrols the North Atlantic. It is instructed to pick up two prisoners and take them to Brest. Shocking events occur. It seems a supernatural force is stalking the crew.

Thomas, Scarlett The Seed Collectors Great Aunt Oleander dies, leaving each of her family a seed pod. This is the story of her family and their struggles.

Williams, Kate The Storms of War In 1914 Britain, the deWitt family faces a war that changes everything. Celia, the youngest, joins the war effort that puts everyone she loves in danger.

9. Ireland

Baume, Sara Spill Simmer Wither A misfit man adopts a misfit dog and form an unlikely connection.

Connolly, John A Song of Shadows Private Detective Charlie Parker investigates a case that began in World War II in a concentration camp. Charlie becomes friends with a widow, Ruth and her daughter, Amanda. Ruth, however, has her secrets, and Charlie must risk his life.

O’Brien, Edna The Little Red Chairs A war criminal from the Balkans settles in an Irish village. A woman falls under his spell.

10. Iceland

Indridason, Arnaldur Into Oblivion A follow up to Reykjavik Nights. In this mystery, Erlendur begins his career with a cold case. He investigates a missing school girl, among other cases.

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa The Silence of the Sea A luxury yacht crashes into a pier, but it is empty. Was it cursed? Whose body is washed up down the shore?

11. Netherlands

De Kat, Otto News From Berlin Taking place in wartime Europe, Oscar’s family is spread apart. Daughter Emma tells him a date and a codename. What should he do? Will anyone listen?

Pauw, Marion Girl in the Dark A single mother finds out she has a brother. She uncovers that he’s autistic and in prison for murdering his neighbor and her daughter. She tries to find out the truth. Is he really a killer?

12. Denmark

Blaedel, Sara The Killing Forest Louise Rick returns to work at the Special Search Agency receiving a case involving a 15 year old who disappeared a week ago. She uncovers truths and secrets from the past.

Kaaberbol, Lene The Considerate Killer Nina Borg is attacked from behind in a parking lot after grocery shopping. She is dazed, but hears her assailant ask for forgiveness. This is for what he is going to do.

13, Norway

Bjork, Samuel I’m Traveling Alone Two detectives hunt down a killer and uncover the secret that ties each of them to the crime. A 6 year old girl is found hanging with a sign that says “I’m traveling alone.” A number “1” is carved into her fingernail. Will there be more?

14. Sweden

Lackberg, Camilla The Drowning Christian just published a book, but he’s unhappy even so. He’s been receiving threats, and one of his friends is missing. Crime writer, Erica, and her detective husband try to see what happened.

15. Finland

Sinisalo, Johanna The Core of the Sun A young woman has an addiction to illegal chili peppers, which leads here to a world where the state controls everything.

16. Czech Republic

Pehe, Jiri Three Faces of an Angel A story of what man does to man and should God intervene.

17. Slovenia

Jancar, Drago I Saw Her that Night The story of the life and disappearance of Veronika Zarnik in Slovenia during World War II.

18. Italy

Eco, Umberto Numero Zero Mussolini and his mistress are shot in 1945. In 1992, Colonna is offered a chance to ghostwrite a book. He finds that the editor thinks Mussolini’s corpse was a body double.

Giordano, Paolo Like Family A young couple hires a middle aged widow to be nanny, not realizing how strong a bond she will become. When Signora A is diagnosed with lung cancer, the family is devastated.

19. Israel

Birstein, Yossel And So Is the Bus Twenty one stories of people who ride Jerusalem’s bus lines.

20. South Korea

Kang, Han The Vegetarian A couple begins to have dreams that torture them. Yeong-hye decides to stop eating meat to alleviate the horror.

Sin, Kyong-suk The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness A teenage girl takes a job in a sweatshop in Seoul to support her family.

21. Japan

Nakamura, Fuminori The Gun In Tokyo, a young man finds a dead body with a gun next to him. He decides to take the gun. He realizes that he must fire it.

22. Australia

Brown, Helen Tumbledown Manor Lisa Trumperton renovates the manor in Melbourne, far from her ex-husband in New York, and discovers it’s never too late to start the life you want.

Dyer, David The Midnight Watch The ship SS Californian sits by after seeing distress rockets from the Titanic. This fictionalized account tells us of the aftermath of inaction.

Hay, Ashley The Railwayman’s Wife After World War II, a poet, a widow, and a doctor look for a new beginning.

Hepworth, Sally The Things We Keep Anna Forster’s family takes her to Rosalind House, an assisted living facility, even though she is 38 years old. There Anna meets Luke, who is her age. Eve, the chef, meets Anna and Luke, but an incident leads their families to separate them.

Robotham, Michael Close Your Eyes A former student gets in the way of a murder investigation and a discovery joins the case with a series of attacks.

Tampke, Ilka Daughter of Albion Taking place in Britain in 43 A.D., a girl is abandoned and is found and raised by Cookmother. She is an outsider, though and has an encounter with a man who leads her to the mothers, and another path.


After the Crash by Michel Bussi

In 1980, an airplane on its way to Paris, crashes into the Swiss Alps and is engulfed by flames.  There is only one survivor, a three month old girl who was thrown from the plane before the fire.  But there were two infants on the plane.  Which girl survived?  The families of both girls claim her as their own, one rich, one poor.


After You by Jojo Moyes

A continuation of the book Me Before You.  Louisa tries to cope with the death of Will Traynor.  She joins a support group and meets the paramedic who saves her.  Then Lily shows up claiming to be Will’s daughter, and stirs things up.



Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Louisa Clark leads an ordinary life and one day the cafe where she works closes.  She is in need of a job and finds herself working for a male quadriplegic.  She grows to love her job except for one detail.  Will wants to end his life in six months.  A great story!

Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

Sebastian Rudd is a street lawyer, but not a typical lawyer.  He works out of his van and represents people other lawyers won’t defend.  He represents a couple of people and he is a likeable character.  If you like legal thrillers, you will like this book.

Finding Jake by Bryan Reardon

There has been a shooting at the high school and all parents wait at St. Michaels for word on their child. Simon, a stay at home dad, waits as some children come and ends up being the only parent left. Where is Jake? Could he have done this? A great book!

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

A judge’s daughter is kidnapped, but by a different kidnapper than the original one. She is taken to a cabin in the woods and kept there for months. In the meantime, her mother and a police officer try to find her. But she has changed. What a great story!